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The Story of Melissa Miles Designs

How did you get started making jewelry?
I always wanted to learn how to make resin jewelry, and when the pandemic started, I figured it was the perfect time to try it! Little did I know that I would discover a new passion!

Where do you get your design ideas/inspiration?
My design ideas come from a lot of places. I'm definitely inspired by other resin artists, but don't limit my inspiration to resin creations. Some of my pieces are inspired by polymer clay artists, some by nature here in the Pacific Northwest, and some by pieces of art. Some are even inspired by my cat, Bunny, like my custom cat earrings. A lot of my designs come from experimenting. These experiments don't always come out how I expect. I think it's important as an artist to not be afraid to try new things and even make mistakes. Maybe things won't turn out like you planned, but maybe you'll come up with something even better!
What’s your favorite part about being your own boss?
I love that my schedule has more freedom, and I'm able to work it around my other activities. I also love that I can choose what I want to create!

What do you love about being able to share your jewelry with others?
It makes me happy that I can bring people a little joy and encouragement with a piece of my jewelry. One of my customers bought some jewelry for her sick sister-in-law to cheer her up. Another customer bought two custom pieces as a memory for two sisters whose mother had recently passed. And many people have bought my mustard seed necklace as a reminder that a little faith can move mountains (Matthew 17:20).
I also love fashion and travel, and it's fun to see where each of my pieces go, and how people style them! My jewelry has traveled to forty-nine U.S. states and counting. My goal is to send a jewelry piece to all 50 states!

How do you balance working on your jewelry business with your other work?
This is something I struggle with. I'm not great at multi-tasking. I'd rather just focus on one project at a time. That's why I try to set aside several days each week to focus on jewelry-making and several days to focus on music projects (my other job). This way I have bigger chunks of time to devote to each thing and feel like I get more accomplished this way.  

What are some of your favorite pieces you’ve created?
I think any of my pieces with forget-me-nots or alyssum flowers. I also love my buffalo check earrings and am always tempted to keep a pair! 

What advice would you give others starting their own small business?
I would encourage them not to give up, especially early on in their business. My business is relatively new, and I have consistently worked hard from the time I started it. It just took some time to see any fruit from my efforts. Now I look back and see the tremendous growth and success my business has had, which all started with the support of friends and family, and of course, hard work. 

How do you like to relax in your free time?
Definitely chillin' with my cat, Bunny (you can follow him on Instagram here), catching up with friends, jamming with other musicians, and exploring new places!

Thank you for reading and being a part of the story of Melissa Miles Designs!

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